Rome101 is a collection of photos, articles, and commentary by a small group of amateur and professional enthusiasts of ancient Rome.
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If you're looking for photos of a specific item from ancient Rome and don't see it here, feel free to contact us. We have a database of 60,000 images from ancient Rome; only a small portion of them are on this site.
What to see while you're here:
Imperial Portraiture - Emperors and their families, along with some other ancient Roman worthies.
Getty Augustus/Caligula - The Getty Villa in Malibu allowed us to laser-scan the Getty Augustus and their marble head of Caligula to do a craniofacial anthropometry analysis that disproved a long-held hypothesis of the origin of the Augustus portrait.
Christ the Magician - A survey of 400 scenes from ancient Christian sarcophagi looking at how 3rd century Roman Christians pictured the deeds of Jesus, and the frequency of images in apparent reference to apocryphal/heretical ancient texts.
Arch of Constantine - An attempt at a fairly comprehensive look - with lots of photos - at this ancient monument, including its political, religious, artistic and architectural aspects, with emphasis on the reuse of spolia from earlier imperial artwork.
Santa Sabina Church Door Panels - Observations and analysis of the 18 extant carvings from the massive 5th century door of S. Sabina, which may include the oldest known Christian crucifixion scene.
Who is Bacchius the Jew? - Pondering the curious reverse of a Republican denarius of Aulus Plautius.
Faustina's Nose Job - Using statistics, measurements from existing portraits of Faustina the Elder and mean human facial proportions to aid in the restoration of damaged ancient statuary.
Cancelleria Reliefs - Photos and discussion of the origin and propaganda of the giant set of marble panels found buried under the Palazzo della Cancelleria in the late 1930s.
Santa Costanza Church/Mausoleum - Photos and discussion of the church/mausoleum of Santa Costanza in Rome with its two mosaics of Jesus, one blond and Hellenistic, one dark and oriental.
Miscellaneous photo sets: